Sunday  7:30am Boot Camp/Spin Fusion w/Andy  8:30am Boot Camp w/Andy  9:30am Spin w/Andy
Monday 6:10am Boot Camp/Spin fusion w/Andy 5:30pm Boot Camp/Spin fusion w/Wendy 6:30pm Spin w/Wendy 7:30pm TRX w/Wendy
Tuesday 6:10am Boot Camp/Spin fusion w/Andy 12:10pm Spin w/Steph 6:00pm Spin w/Andy 7:00pm Boot Camp w/Andy
Wednesday 6:10am Boot Camp/Spin fusion w/Lia 5:30pm Spin  w/Andy 6:30pmBoot Camp/Spin fusion w/Michelle 7:00pm Boot Camp w/Michelle
Thursday 6:10am Boot Camp/Spin fusion w/Andy 12:10pm Spin w/Steph 6:00pm Spin w/Wendy 7:00pm TRX w/Wendy
Friday 6:10am Boot Camp/ Spin fusion w/Andy 5:30pm Spin w/Andy (75 min non stop spin)
Saturday 7:30am Boot Camp/Spin Fusion w/Andy 8:30am Boot Camp w/Andy 9:30am Spin w/Andy 10:30am Spin w/Andy 11:20am TRX w/Andy


Legacy Is proud to host the following workshops. Please call or email us to find out more info:

Schwinn Cycling instructor certification course The course that allows you to be certified to teach indoor cycling at any fitness facility. This is the most recognized course in cycling, and is the extended 1 day 10 hour version. Legacy has hosted over 30 of these events in the last 6+ years. 8am -6pm $439+HST
Legacy Boot Camp  course Be part one of the most dynamic certifications with the Legacy Boot Camp course. This 1 day 8 hour Boot Camp program certifies you to teach and coach Legacy Boot Camp training. 1pm-7pm $259
CPR Level C AED with the Heart and Stroke foundation This is the 4 hour Level C AED basic CPR course that is usually required to teach in the fitness industry. This course should be renewed annually.1pm-4pm $79


Indoor Cycling - 50 minute class
Single class $23.00
10 classes* $199.00
20 classes** $369.00
3 months unlimited $299.00
6 months unlimited $579.00
1 year unlimited $999.00

*must be used within 3 months of purchase

**must be used within 6 months of purchase
Personal Training - 50 minute session
1 Session $75.00
10 + 1 sessions $750.00
20 + 2 sessions $1400.00
30 + 3 sessions $2000.00
Bootcamp + TRX
Single class $19.00
3 months unlimited $299.00
6 months unlimited $569.00
1 year unlimited $979.00

About Legacy Indoor Cycling

Legacy Indoor Cycling is the newest casual exercise space that prides itself on high quality equipment and exceptional level of teachers and personal trainers in a fun, friendly, boutique setting. We bring the authenticity and outside bicycle ride into a indoor facility.  The combinations of Schwinn Trained instructors, top of the line Schwinn Evolution bikes, and the top of the line Bose stereo make for a fantastic workout experience. Occupying an almost 2000-square foot space in the heart of Danforth Village, Toronto ( Danforth and Coxwell), Legacy Indoor Cycling offers group cycling classes, TRX suspension Training, Boot Camps, Personal Training and a host of specialized group exercise classes.  With 30 brand new Schwinn Evolution bikes ( SPD and LOOK clips) and almost 30 classes on schedule, Legacy is committed to offering the best workout experience to its participants.  All of our group exercised classes, are freestyle ( non-choreographed classes) so you will never do the same class twice.  We will never present you with the same workout, and thus ensuring the best results for your body. If you are tired of seeing no results, and being just another number at another gym, come experience the Legacy Indoor Cycling community.


Contact us

Legacy Indoor Cycling Studio


1506 Danforth Ave.

Toronto, Ontario Phone: 647 351 7746 Email: